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We do what no mop & bucket can ever do….put sparkling life back into your dull and dirty tile & grout. At Clean Response we use specially formulated cleaners, and scrubbing as well as high pressure steam to dissolve and force the dirt out of the uneven texture of the tile and grout. When we’re done, you may think you have a new floor. Natural Stone like Marble, Travertine, Slate, Granite and Limestone make beautiful flooring but cleaning them safely requires some specialized knowledge. The cleaning of stone can vary depending on the make up of the stone and the type of finish it has. Clean Response knows the safe and proper techniques for restoring your natural stone’s beauty. Trust us, it’s much cheaper to have it cleaned right the first time than to have it rehoned or replace it because of an incorrect cleaning process. Clean Response also specializes in the application of products that will enhance the color and beauty of the stone as well as sealing its crack and crevices to help it clean up much better in the future.

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